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Dawn's Minecraft Skin.
Some attributes
First IRL Name: Rachel
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fifth Dislikes: Being Pranked by Sky
Sixth Channel: Dawn O. Saur

Dawnables or Dawn O Saur is Sky's ex-fiance. She played "Gravitron", "The Fountain of Immortality", "Island of the Skies", & More. Dawn decided to launch her Channel on Dec, 4, 2011, but hadn't uploaded a video until 2013, and took down the channel later that year. In Feb, 2013, Sky posted in his Twitter that he proposed to Dawn and she said Yes. Dawn was pranked in the first two episodes of "Minepranks!"

Dawnables returned to youtube early 2015 under the name Dawn O. Saur

  • Dawn's Skin has a colorful belt, black pants, red gloves, purple and pink hair, and a blue shirt.
  • Her real name is Rachel.


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