The Rules of this Wiki. Welcome to the SkyDoesMinecraft Butter Wiki! We love people contributing to his wiki, but their are rules here. If a contributer vandalises and remains unbanned, Admins are responsible. Feel free to contribute to the wiki, but know the rules.


  • Vandlizing this wiki will recieve a block for 3 days. If vandalizing from a recently blocked editor repeats, a permanent block will be recieved.
  • Racism is prohibited.
  • Cursing or swearing will lead to 3 weeks of being banned.
  • English only please.if you speak other languages,please make your own wiki
  • Cursing in chat will lead to 1 week of being banned. Chat moderators are responsable.
  • Advertising is only allowed when Admins and the founder allows it.
  • No arguements.
  • No sockpuppeting (EX: Zeodex = Zeodexide).
  • No Spamming.
  • Only make good and useful edits. Grammar fixes, info, etc.
  • Do not insult the staff.


Blocked people cannot respond to their own message wall and can't edit pages.

Here are the stages of vandalism.

  • 1st Vandalism: 3 Days
  • 2nd Vandalism: 2 Weeks
  • 3rd Vandalism: INFINITE.